Annie – Engeman Theater – Open Call for Orphans

The John W. Engeman Theater at Northport announces Local Auditions for its upcoming production of Annie at 3PM for CHILDREN on Sunday, September 10, 2017. Richard Dolce, Producing Artistic Director; Vic DiMonda, Associate Producing Director; Thomas Meehan, book; Martin Charnin, lyrics; Charles Strouse, music; Antoinette DiPietropolo; director & choreographer; Wojcik/Seay Casting, Casting Office. Daytime rehearsals in NYC: 10/20/17; Open: 11/9/17; Close: 12/31/17.

Note: There will be no appointments for Orphans. If you wish to be considered for an Orphan track, please attend this LOCAL OPEN CALL at The Engeman Theater!

Sunday, September 10th, 2017
The John W. Engeman Theatre at Northport
250 Main Street, Northport, NY – Studio 1
2:30PM – Sign Up for CHILDREN (Audition begins at 3PM)

For this OPEN LOCAL CALL please prepare the packet of material here:


*Just click, print & prepare!!!

In this packet:

  1. The song TOMORROW (included in this packet). Please memorize this song and be ready to sing the whole thing, though you may be asked for just one part of it!
  2. Be familiar with the scene side in this packet – you do not need to be memorized.
  3. Be familiar with the song HARD KNOCK LIFE in this packet – you do not need to be memorized.
  4. Be familiar with the song NEVER FULLY DRESSED in this packet – if asked to dance, we will be dancing to this song – you do not need to be memorized.



Be sure to bring a recent picture and resume (if possible), otherwise we will not have one in the room! If you do not have a resume – a recent picture with name and contact information written clearly on the back will be perfect!


You will sing first – TOMORROW. From there, you may be asked to stay to dance/read. Jazz shoes or sneakers are fine for the dance. Dress comfortably – you do not need to dress up. Remember – the Orphans are pretty scruffy – so no fancy dresses are necessary!!! You may be with us for a while – be prepared to stay a bit. Be sure to bring water and snacks and anything else you may need to get through the call. We can’t wait to see you!!! Smile, Darn ya, Smile!